Landscape Enrichment

Manor Green College is a dynamic and inspirational West Sussex secondary school for students between the ages of 11-19 who experience a wide range of learning difficulties.

Many of our student’s needs are classified as having Profound or Severe Learning Difficulties, where they need a high level of support both physically and to support their understanding. Some of our students are on the autistic spectrum, or with severe behavioural difficulties. This can mean that having a secure, safe and relaxing outdoor environment is paramount.

The main objective of this project was to develop a safe, useable outdoor space which is accessible to all and that enhances learning opportunities.

The Naturesave Trust have kindly donated £1000 towards our landscape enrichment project at the College. This has helped us buy equipment for our greenhouse.


This project is helping our college achieve our main goals which is to provide a stimulating and enriching teaching and learning environment which encourages individual success and to prepare our students for adult life so they confidently and successfully move out into the community when they finally have to leave us. This has also ensured we are able to provide a safe, secure, caring and enjoyable environment for our students.

Please see below what our Horticultural group in the Further Education Department have to say:

“We are the horticulture group and we have worked around the school grounds. We have grown plants from seeds in the greenhouse and used the garden bed at the back for this.  It has two layers with soil in it for the seeds to grow. The heated bench helps the plants to grow quickly and at the right temperature.  We have grown some tomatoes and lettuce which have been used in the catering department. We all work hard as a team on different jobs. We have cut the grass, done some hedge cutting and filled some large pots with some colourful plants that we have grown in the greenhouse.   This has helped to make our college environment look nice and attractive. Thank you Naturesave for supporting us! “