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Fundraising Projects

Can you help us?

Our current playground is no longer fit for purpose and in need of a revamp. Most of the play equipment is 15 years old and some of it has been removed due to health and safety issues. The once colourful floor markings have faded and it has become a drab and colourless space with very little opportunity to interact with the space.


Play is such an important part of children's mastery of physical, social and intellectual skills. Now outdoor play has never been as important as in the current pandemic. Playground activities can promote physical and emotional health and social well-being. As well as being used by all students at break and lunchtimes it is planned that the space would be used to enhance the curriculum. Not only PE but also incorporated in to science (motion / space), PSHE (team work / supporting others, maths (area / numbers etc) and many more!

Many of you will have attended our Winter Lights Festival that has become a fixed cultural event on our calendar. It takes place outdoors and includes a lantern procession and performances. As part of our playground redevelopment we would like to include a stage area that can be used for the purposes of the festival but also throughout the year to develop the creative and expressive potential of our students. The intention is to build an accessible raised platform, with a covered roof. As the playground is south facing this will offer a sun shade in the summer months and poor weather shelter too.

Our vision for our playground is one in which there are plenty of opportunities for all our students. We are working with the student council and designers that will be sensitive and responsive to the needs of our young people, that can create an inspiring and flexible space to be enjoyed for years to come.


We are currently fundraising for this project so if you know anyone or work for a company that would like to donate funds then please contact the School Business Manager Isabelle via the school office.