23rd July Last Day of Term - 1pm finish


Emma Harrington

Communication Lead

At Manor Green College, Communication is a core area of students' learning and is at the heart of everything we do.

We believe that the development of functional communication skills for our students is the most important thing that they will learn in their time at Manor Green College, and communication underpins all of the other skills that they develop.

Within our curriculum, students are supported to develop their expressive and receptive communication skills so they can express themselves, their wants, needs and thoughts, and can understand the communication of others.

Negative behaviours typically stem from the frustration and inability to recognise, identify and express feelings, needs and wants. Once a student has a successful method of communication, behaviours typically improve, emotional wellbeing increases and improved access to learning is facilitated.

Here at Manor Green College, we use a Total Communication approach. This means we use a range of communication methods:

· To identify and support a student’s means or mode of communication to enable them to communicate and give them a voice.

· To motivate a student by giving them a reason to communicate.

· To support students to understand and regulate their behaviour.

· To create opportunities for students to communicate and understand their day and daily routines.

For more information on these different approaches please click on the links opposite.