23rd July Last Day of Term - 1pm finish


Our student's timetables are individualised and dynamic to balance meeting the daily needs, but also reflect what we are working towards as part of the Preparation for Adulthood curriculum. 

Each student meets with their class teacher and year group at the start of each day and then follows their timetable. These timetables typically follow three different strands.

  • Employability & Living Skills
  • Preparation for Independence
  • Skills for Life
Students in all three of these strands work towards the OCR Life and Living Skills accreditation. This fantastic award celebrates the progress and achievement made by our young people in a range of different areas. Units range from numeracy, literacy and digital skills to horticulture, catering and work experience. Every element of the FE timetable in some way, contributes towards this award and prepares the individual for life after Manor Green College.

It is important to us, that each student has opportunity to manage their day, have independence and develop lots of the fundamental self-help skills built in lower Key Stages. Our students also enjoy the flexibility of moving around the FE building and working with or socialising with friends across Years 12-14. The timetable and its activities therefore, promote the mixing of all year groups within FE.