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Safeguarding in the Curriculum

Being and staying safe is a key thread that runs through the curriculum at Manor Green College. We strive to develop social understanding and independence in all of our young people, in a context that prioritises safety.
There are many examples throughout the curriculum where this can be seen. PSHE is a core subject that is delivered across the whole college. This curriculum is based upon the PSHE Association SEND framework and incorporates elements from the following 6 areas:-
Self Awareness
Self-Care, support and safety
Managing Feelings
Changing and Growing
Healthy Lifestyles
The World I Live in
Key issues and themes that support safeguarding and the wellbeing of all students are taught through this area of the curriculum. At Manor Green College, PSHE is a core subject taught in lessons, but is relevant at all times during the day.
Through our QUEST curriculum, students spend a significant amount of time in the community each week. Learning experiences in the outside world provide a safe and supportive environment for students to apply the skills they learn and knowledge they develop from all areas of their curriculum. Themes that support our delivery of safeguarding include:-
Stranger awareness
People who help me
Road Safety and travel training
First Aid
Public and Private behaviours
Social Etiquette and understanding
 Safeguarding themes, knowledge and skills are also delivered through our assembly programme. Where appropriate further individual and group interventions are lead by our Pastoral team. These interventions are both proactive and reactive to the environment around us, dealing dynamically with safeguarding concerns that arise in a supportive and educational manner. 
Through our ICT curriculum, online safety is a key topic delivered each year. We have regular talks and visits from the Local Policing Team to reinforce the importance of keeping safe online. Each year we run our safer internet day to highlight this further. Please find a link below to online safety advice for parents.