Next Steps Event - Thursday 25th April 5pm-7pm

Our Vision

"Opportunity and Success for All"

The core purpose of MGC is to discover and develop every student’s potential in preparation for their adult lives, and our fundamental belief is that happy learners learn better.

During their journey with us, students will have opportunities to take part and try their best without fear of failure.  They will become more self-aware and as a result learn self-belief and resilience.

Developing independence is at the heart of everything we do. The opportunities to develop self-help skills, decision making, work skills and the confidence to make safe choices, are central to this aim.  Through a rich and varied curriculum which will provide opportunities to achieve relevant accreditation, they will develop enjoyment of learning, and through the College’s social integration ethos students will have experience of strong social relationships, building social confidence, and tolerance and respect for others.

All adults in the College will work hard to reduce anxiety and create an environment wherein every student feels safe and secure and can trust as a platform for building improvement.  From the first day that students join our community, we will work together with parents to ensure that when the time eventually comes to leave the College, everything has been done to ensure that our families and students are ready to take on the challenge of finding their place in the world.

At MGC, we look to provide an extensive range of opportunities for all students to develop their independence. Through these opportunities, we look to develop key skills within the skillsbuilder framework, with the ambition that all students maximise their own potential. The result of this success supports the here and now, as well as preparing each individual for the next stage of their education or adult life.