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Online protection

Dear Parents,
Protecting your child online at home can be a juggling act. Especially if your child/ren have mobile technology, smart phones, ipads, android tablets that never leave their side. At school it's a precise job to protect your child online and give them opportunities to learn how to deal with a potential issue when it arises. In other words it's important that we give children the chance to learn how to deal with issues they will most definitely face in the future. I have included a few links that I believe will give you confidence to talk to your child/ren about the risks, and how to use parent controls. There is no "one size" fits all, as housholds have different Internet providers. At Manor Green College we treat your children as individuals, and each of them have individual learning capacities. It's therefore important we make the right provision to protect them. As a parent /carer you will want to get the balance right too. I am always happy to talk to you on an individual basis if you have real concerns and I will help where I can. I hope that you find the links helpful to check that you are already doing a great job or find areas to take more control to protect your child online and make children more resilient in dealing with their use of the Internet.
Thank you
Manor Green College