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Film Making

At Manor Green College staff collaborate across departments and specialist subjects in order to provide the most creative access to the curriculum our students deserve. Film making and recording has become ever more important to us.

Students across the college have created animations for drama production, used sound effects and songs recorded by students in music lessons, and made props and costumes for use in movies in both Art and DT. Lessons are student focused and led by their imagination.

Filmmaking overlaps with our GCSE Photography and Drama programmes, and are specifically timetabled in the FE department. However, across Manor Green College where teachers integrate it into our engaging cross-curricular offer, learning covers a variety of skills used in the film industry tailored to their ability. From knowing how to set up and down a tripod, to care for equipment; knowing what an SD card is and where it goes; to use of special effects like green screen, stop motions and how to cut and edit a movie.

We have worked with Carousel and Oska Bright as a recurring partner for the past four years. They have engaged in a variety of projects, notably our Lockdown Winter Lights, and most recently on a film review project and the setting up of our very own Film Festival screening at Scott Cinema, East Grinstead.

Students have also attended the Oska Bright International Film awards and are looking to enter Films in the Future.

Students have access to and learn how to use:

  •          Studio lighting
  •          Tripods
  •          Sound recording equipment
  •          Stop motion software - Hue Animation and Heron
  •          Video cameras
  •          Go Pro
  •          Green screens
  •          Tablets with a variety of apps

Visit Manor Green TV to see a selection of our Films made in our Film making classes.