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Personal Guidance, Next Steps and Transition

At MGC, Personal guidance, Next Steps and Transition is an important part of our offer. The advice, support and information offered to students and their family's, is personalised and tailored to meet the current and future needs of that young person. Examples of this in practice include:-
  • All students will receive this support at their yearly annual review. Discussions around Preparation for Adulthood outcomes and future destinations will start as early as year 9 to support all stakeholders in making decisions about next steps.
  • In Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5, a Careers advisor works with groups of students in supporting their planning for next steps. 
  • Our Next Steps events provide a one stop shop for information about future choices. Students and parents visit a range of stalls run by local colleges, employers, family support agencies and many more. This event not only provides a great deal of information for future choices, its an ideal networking opportunity for stallholders and our parental community to provide support and guidance for each other.
Students at MGC stretch along a diverse academic profile. The qualifications poster below demonstrates a pathway of all available qualification routes across the country. Our pupils will work and progress at different stages according to their individual abilities.